LVC 18 GREEN - Team Roster
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Club: LOCKPORT VOLLEYBALL CLUB Team Rep: Thomas Schneider
Team: LVC 18 GREEN6313 Green Valley Ln
Team Code: MJ8LOCKP4WE Lockport, NY  14094
Region Division: Boys' 18's716-310-2781
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#PosNameUSAV # Coach
1  Player Falzone, Chris WE3138880MJ19 C
3  Player Kirsch, Christopher WE2748869MJ19 Y C
5  Player Shickluna, Brett WE2888211MJ19 Y C
6  Player Searns, Trevor WE2501782MJ19 Y C
9  Player Barlow, Tyler WE3137195MJ19 C
15  Player Murray, Sean WE2889247MJ19 C
19  Player Simon, Mitchell WE2790378MJ19 C
22  Player Shemik, Thomas WE2888911MJ19 C
28  Player Lieber, Jackson WE2866499MJ19 C
72  Player Malicki, Benjamin WE2791696MJ19 Y Y C
95  Player Travis, Brendan WE3001633MJ19 C
96  Player Shelton, Larente WE3157767MJ19 C
 Head Coach Perry, Bryce WE2558489MR19 Eligible IMPACT Y Y C
 Asst. Coach Guyton, Ryan WE2311373MR19 Eligible IMPACT Y C
 Asst. Coach Schneider, Thomas WE1312903MR19 Eligible IMPACT Y Y Y C
 Asst. Coach Kiripolsky, Christopher WE3134316MR19 Eligible IMPACT Y C
USA Volleyball Badge Key: 1 = R1, 2 = R2, S = Scorer, L = Libero Tracker, J = Line Judge
ROSTER & USAV Medical/Emergency Release Form Verification
Coaches of the teams in this event are required to carry with them at all times completed USAV Medical/Emergency release forms.
The person signing this form verifies that:
  1. The above roster is correct and contains all players who will be participating in the event.All players meet age requirements.
  2. They will have in their immediate possession at all times during this competition a completedcopy of the USAV Medical/Emergency Release Form for each player listed on the official roster.
  3. The team understands it is subject to any and all penalties if this roster does not match theparticipants attending the event, regardless of who signs this verification.
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